4 Important Homeopathic Cures

1. Nux vomica

Good for: Upset abdomen from overeating or overindulging.

Homeopathic notes: Derived from the toxic strychnine tree, nux vomica is good for treating heartburn or drowsiness from consuming or ingesting an excessive amount of. “The quintessential treatment for illnesses from ‘excessive dwelling,’ often the primary treatment to take for garden-variety heartburn or indigestion from ingesting an excessive amount of espresso or alcohol or consuming an excessive amount of spicy meals,” says Kathi Fry, MD, CTHHom.

2. Arnica montana

Good for: Bruising, shock, head damage.

Homeopathic notes: Arnica’s results are primarily anti-inflammatory: It’s good for treating muscle ache, stiffness, swelling from accidents, and bruises. A 2021 meta-analysis revealed in Frontiers in Surgical procedure discovered arnica to be akin to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories for lowering postoperative swelling and bleeding.

3. Gelsemium sempervirens

Good for: Complications, influenza, sleeplessness as a result of nervousness and anticipation.

Homeopathic notes: “This can be a massive treatment for the flu, persistent fatigue, and folks with postviral fatigue — as in lengthy COVID,” says Fry.

4. Allium cepa

Good for: Allergy symptoms, runny nostril, watery eyes.

Homeopathic notes: Derived from onion, this treatment is efficient for treating a operating nostril, particularly with a transparent discharge. “For those who’ve ever chopped an onion with tears streaming down your face, what it’s like to wish Allium cepa. The hallmark symptom is a sensation of burning irritation,” explains Fry.

This was excerpted from “What’s Homeopathy?” which was revealed within the July/August 2022 difficulty of Expertise Life.

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